Here's me, age sixteen, taking on what is still to this day the biggest performance opportunity of my life to millions of people on BBC One. 

The fact is that now aged twenty three I've amassed seventeen years of experience in weekly live performances at an innumerable amount of shows. I've toured in Africa, the USA, Europe and the UK. 

My successes as a performer have been a direct result of the guidance and tuition of my mentors so I'm really excited to collate all of my knowledge and experience into three training programs for you!

In 'Performance Direction' we'll train your: 

- Confidence and Conviction

- Audience Leadership Skills

- Stage Presence and Projection

- Genre Specific Performance Techniques (be that in Contemporary Commercial Music/Musical Theatre ETC.)

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If you’d like specific mentorship with me personally where we can workshop your songs together you can also book training sessions with me personally via the BOOK NOW! buttons on this page.

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