All my successes as a songwriter have been as a result of the teaching and guidance of my mentors. I’m excited to bring to you three one hour courses that take you through all you need to know to turn songwriting from an aspiration into an enjoyable reality for you! 

As a songwriter I’ve had songs pitched by publishers to artists in Australia, South East Asia and the USA. This is a challenging process of writing to a brief from a publisher for an artist somewhere around the globe looking for their next big single. It means that I've written songs for acts in genres of music I'd have never thought of creating music for prior to working with publishers. Writing to a brief is a huge part of commercial songwriting and a skill in itself.


Within the world of my own artistry I’ve written, recorded and released my own original music with my band. After 3 years of self releasing music and building a presence in Manchester and online we recently signed a 12 month record deal with a Manchester based label. 

In the course we’ll go through: 


- Construction of Melody

- Chords and appropriate use of Harmony

- Development of Artistry and how to reference other music.

- How to overcome writers block and tips for the most memorable lyric writing.


Finally, you’ll receive a pack of songwriting briefs sampled from those I’ve received from real publishers, along with exclusive access to our Facebook Group, “The Song Development Program.” This platform is filled with information from all our songwriting courses and gives you the opportunity to ask questions and start discussions with our team of songwriters. 

So... why wait! Click BUY THE COURSE! and start creating music! 

If you’d like specific mentorship with me personally where we can workshop your songs together you can also book training sessions with me personally via the BOOK NOW! buttons on this page.

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