After completing my degree in popular music vocals from the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) in Manchester I set up shop vocal coaching at The Song Rooms, Chorley. I'm completely obsessed with vocals (both the physiology of singing and the art of live performance) so I'm working towards attaining a PhD in the use of vocals in contemporary commercial music.

I've performed solo live on national television on BBC One, I've toured in Africa, the United States, Europe and the UK. I'm an avid and continuous student of the functionality of the voice and its reception in live and recorded performances. In my training you'll find the exercises very prescriptive to deal with issues I've found commonly arise in my coaching sessions with one to one students at my teaching studio in The Song Rooms, Chorley. 

That being said I attribute all my successes as a singer to the vocal coaching I've had both at the RNCM and externally. I'm really excited to collate all my research and experience as a singer into three one hour training videos to help you build your own singing voice from the very beginning to exercises for pro level vocalists!

In the course we’ll go through these core skills


- Warm Ups & Exercises to Work Out Your Entire Range.

- Interpretation and Performance 

- Vocal Tonal Qualities and Resonance

- Vocal Health and Physiology


Finally, you’ll receive a pack of pre-recorded sample tracks so you can dive into any of the exercises on the course directly. You'll also receive access to our Facebook Group, “The Vocal Development Program.” This platform is filled with information from all our courses and gives you the opportunity to ask questions and start discussions with other like minded singers in training!

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